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Watch SnapStream’s CEO, Rakesh Agrawal, on Bloomberg TV

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Are you curious about the present and future plans of SnapStream? Who better to ask than the CEO and Founder himself!

On Thursday, June 26th, at 9:45am CT, Stephanie Ruhle from Bloomberg TV’s “Market Makers” interviewed SnapStream’s CEO, Rakesh Agrawal. During this interview Rakesh explains how SnapStream technology is able to search anything said on TV – helping out the likes of corporate firms, federal and government agencies and, of course, television shows such as “The Daily Show” and “Last Week Tonight.”

Rakesh also announces the future plans of SnapStream. (Hint: Anyone into social media? We thought so!)

Tune in! (Run Time: 7 minutes)

Breaking New Ground in SnapStream’s TV Monitoring and Search Technology with Dr. Michael Speriosu, PhD in Linguistics

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Dr. Michael Speriosu, PhD in Linguistics and Engineer at SnapStream

Hi, everyone! My name is Mike Speriosu and I was the main developer of a set of TV search improvements in SnapStream 6.1 that involve language. I recently finished my doctorate at the University of Texas at Austin where I worked on problems at the intersection of human language and computer science, and was lucky enough to join the SnapStream development team a few months ago.

Products like SnapStream are part of an ongoing trend in technology to help people interact with each other and with computers using their most advanced and expressive mode of communication: language. After working on a variety of linguistic and software problems in academia, I was very eager to apply my skills to a real-life product that could benefit from more linguistic intelligence.

TV media monitoring: find anything said on TV with SnapStream

One of the most compelling features of SnapStream’s TV media monitoring technology has always been its ability to search recordings and send alerts based on what’s said on TV, and now recording and searching closed caption data work better than ever.


New! SnapStream 5.7 expands TV monitoring capabilities

Friday, November 30th, 2012

By human nature, we all love new things: The rush of adopting the latest technology. The smell of a new car.  The opening night at the movies.

The excitement of a new release of SnapStream.

Today we’re rolling out 5.7, which expands the scope of recording, searching and managing TV from your Web browser. Schedule your upgrade with our support team to gain access to these useful, new features:

1. Display search results by TV show

A new user-level setting allows you to auto-collapse search results by TV show, creating a macro view of all mentions.  In this example, the results are collapsed by TV show, displaying an overview of where the search term Obama appears. Click the arrows to expand the results.

TV search results collapsed


New release! SnapStream 5.6 has arrived.

Friday, October 12th, 2012

In the newest release of SnapStream, we added new features and made core improvements to deliver the strongest and most reliable TV search experience, yet.

+ We added muscle to our Mac version.

The Web Player for Mac supports viewing of in-progress TV recordings, which is a game-changer for TV monitoring on OS X.


New Release! SnapStream 5.5.1

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

TV Search on Target for Speed, Play Back H.264 on Your Mac

Today marks a new season, the first day of summer, and also the release of a new version of SnapStream. Yippee! In case you forgot, software upgrades are always free for current customers, so get in touch with our support team and we’ll hook you up.

Here’s a look at what’s new in SnapStream 5.5.1:

- Search TV up to 4X faster in the Web interface—from when you initially conduct a search to the individual page loads of your search results.
Transcode to H.264 in half the time.
– Play back H.264 from the Mac Web Player.
Record any digital channel 24/7 with seamless transitions between recording blocks.
– Use the new clip status box to track and play your clip faster.
IR blast sub-channels when using ATSC/QAM converter boxes.

Curious about other improvements and bug fixes? Check the 5.5.1 release notes.
Also, if you’re currently on version 4, you’ll want to explore the gamut of new features available in version 5.

Play TV in brilliant HD, from your Mac

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

SnapStream’s newly released Mac Web Player opens up the world of TV search to Mac users for the very first time.  As we hoped it would, the announcement of Mac support generated tons of excitement and fanfare on EngadgetGigaOm and a bunch of other places.

Today, it gets even better. We are releasing 5.4.2, which carries support for HD video playback on Mac OS X. Woohoo!

So now you can enjoy the crisp resolution of high-definition television as you search, play and clip content from your Mac, connected to your SnapStream HD. Version 5.4.2 also features increased stability for the Mac Web Player and the ability to load guide data from offline sources, if you’re so inclined.


Finally, SnapStream supports Mac OS X!

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Apple fans, today is your day. After over a decade of developing software for Windows, SnapStream is thrilled to announce the all-new Web Player for Mac OS X. This is the big cherry on top of Fifth Generation SnapStream, which has brought you scalability with clustering, Workflows, and tons of other new features and upgrades.

With the new release of 5.4.1, Mac users can now experience TV search in their native environments, for the very first time.


New release! SnapStream 5.4

Thursday, December 8th, 2011
What’s new in SnapStream 5.4
Freshly baked by our little software elves, SnapStream 5.4 is ready right in time for the holidays. As always, the upgrade is completely free of charge to current enterprise customers. How’s that for a stocking stuffer? Fifth generation SnapStream is chock-full of delightful goodies meant to enhance your TV search experience. First came clustering technology, then the Web Player plug-in and now you get:

Upgrade to 5.4
Advanced ShowSqueeze Rules New!
Advanced ShowSqueeze Rules
  • Set up custom rules for post-processing tasks at the job level
  • Use the easy drag-and-drop rule builder
  • Replace your global ShowSqueeze settings
  • Specify destination folders for specific types of completed tasks
  • Reduce file sizes to triple available storage
  • Optimize video formats for e-mail, iPads, iPhones, and more!
Explore ShowSqueeze
Exclude Time From 24/7 Blocks New!
  • Exclude chunks of time from 24/7 recording blocks
  • Prevent recording of unwanted content
  • Save storage space by reducing clutter
  • For example, you may want to exclude infomercials that typically air from midnight to 5 a.m.
Exclude time from 24/7 recordings
Explore TV Recording
Faster Guide Updates New!
Faster guide updates
  • Program guide updates occur up to 80% faster thanks to heavy optimization
  • Daily updates occur more frequently and consistently
  • New custom lineup wizard helps produce your own program guide
  • Smart updater removes duplicate shows from multiple TV sources
Folder Security and Permissions
  • Now restored in the Web interface
  • Grant specific user groups permissions to view/access particular video folders in the library
  • Restrict activities like watching recordings, watching live TV, scheduling recordings and changing settings
  • New user permission category for Create Clips
folder security
SnapStream Version 5 Overview
  • Clustering capabilities allow you to scale up
  • New Web player plug-in delivers TV search in any Web browser
  • Service architecture designed from the ground up to be more robust
  • Nimble Web interface runs on Microsoft IIS Express
  • Enhanced fault tolerance and intelligent error handling
4.9.3 and below Upgrade to 5.4
on existing hardware
New SnapStream
appliance with 5.4
OS Windows XP Windows XP Windows Server 2008
Web Server SnapStream-built IIS Express IIS
Date Store XML and INI files SQL Server Express SQL Server Express
Good Better Best!
Why upgrade to 5?
Sounds great! How do we get started?
There are a few criteria to meet before we can begin your upgrade. Contact SnapStream’s Support Team to discuss your eligibility and options. E-mail or call 1-877-696-3674 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

Keep on searching,

The SnapStream Team