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Name the world’s largest DVR. Enter to win a free Apple iPad!

April 10th, 2010 by Rachel Abbott

Hear ye, Hear ye. The contest is officially open. Let the name game commence! After you’ve read up on all of the technical specs of the 50-channel, world’s largest DVR–or maybe just gotten the gist of it–rack your brain for what we could name this crazy thingamajig. Engadget is calling it a “Monster DVR.” But can you come up with something more awesome? The best entry will win a free Apple iPad + case.  Click here to enter.

One Response to “Name the world’s largest DVR. Enter to win a free Apple iPad!”

  1. Kevin Pierce Says:


    Super Capacity
    Massively Parallel
    Time Shifting
    Video Cache

    Taking initial consonant / vowel pairs:
    Su Ca Ma Pa Ti Shi Vi Ca
    Su Ma Ti Vi

    Puzzling though this, it strikes me:

    *** Super Massive TiVo ***

    and here’s a song to help sell it!

    Electrosound – Supermassive Rainbow (Muse vs. Klaxons) – France

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