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The Newest Developments in TV Monitoring Technology

New SnapStream Express: Record & Search TV for $499

April 30th, 2015 by Rachel Abbott


Meet the New SnapStream Express. At $499, it’s the smallest SnapStream appliance ever. You get all the power of SnapStream’s TV recording, search and Twitter and Facebook integration, in a compact, affordable package.

SnapStream Express paves the way for more users to get their hands on SnapStream. Everyone can record and search TV like “The Daily Show” and “Last Week Tonight.” Be it a single TV show with a social media initiative, a TV-focused journalist, or any organization using DVRs or TiVos.

New! SnapStream Express ($499)

SnapStream Express is now available with free U.S. shipping. Get yours at

• Record 2 TV channels in SD or HD

• Up to 2,076 hours (SD) or 346 hours (HD) with 2TB

• SnapStream’s TV search & social TV features*

• Share unlimited clips in the cloud

• Regular software & program guide updates

• Full-service technical support & user training

We got an awesome write-up about the SnapStream Express launch on Ars Technica. And oh, here’s a #BananaForScale, to show the svelte form factor of SnapStream Express.

Which SnapStream is Right For You?

Considering the SnapStream Small Business Edition (SBE) starts at $10,000, SnapStream Express delivers a new entry-level option that’s easy to budget for, manage and deploy.

SnapStream Express SnapStream SBE or SD/HD
Size Desktop PC Size (10.9″ x 8.7″ x 6.9″) 3U Rackmount (25.5″ x 17.2″ x 5.2″)
Weight Lightweight (10 lbs) Heavy-duty (75 – 120 lbs)
IT Footprint Quietly sits on your desk like a PC IT admin stores in your server room
Storage 2 TB stores up to 2,076 hrs (max) SBE: 3 TB stores up to 3,400 hrs (max)
SD/HD: expandable storage/archive
Channels 2 SD/HD channels max SBE: Max. 6 channels SD/HD
SD/HD: 4-10+ channels expandable
Users 5 users max SBE: 5 users max; SD/HD: unlimited
Price $499 Starts at $10,000

We’re happy to consult on the best SnapStream option for you. Drop us a line at or 1-877-762-7787.

*SnapStream Express has the same feature set as the Small Business Edition. This includes capabilities like TV recording, search, unlimited clips, cloud sharing, file export, social media integration and more. This excludes SmartChapters and Clustering, and limits ShowSqueeze to clips only. Maximum of 5 user licenses.

SnapStream Highlights from NAB 2015

April 20th, 2015 by Rachel Abbott

We’re back, y’all! Team SnapStream just wrapped from exhibiting at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas.

NAB Highlights

Our booth was awesome this year!

We got to meet with hundreds of folks in the television and entertainment space, plus government and education, too. Everyone was digging our new social TV features for sharing TV moments to Twitter and Facebook. We had some beta features on display, exclusively for the NAB crowd, including time-coded tags and the new transcript word cloud.

But the best part, hands down, was showing new people what SnapStream can do and watching their eyes light up! When you demonstrate how easy it is to schedule recordings in our program guide, search by keyword and pull up a clip, people are amazed. Our established workflow solves a very real problem for organizations out there, who are still using DVRs or don’t have an existing or easy way to manage television.

We’re excited to help more people overcome their TV recording challenges, and provide all the right tools for efficiently tracking and monitoring TV.


As soon as you walked up to SnapStream’s booth, you were immediately greeted by a smiling and waving shark. The one and only #LeftShark, as seen on TV… and Twitter!

Many people hadn’t seen a real, live GIF in person before.

Let alone, a GIF that walks and talks!

The #WalkingGIF made waves around the Las Vegas Convention Center, and made friends with everyone he met.

If you tweeted a photo, video or GIF with the #WalkingGIF, you could enter our contest to win a free Apple Watch. How could you win? Well, you had to get the most engagement on Twitter (highest total of retweets + favorites.)

Check out our blog post about the #WalkingGIF contest to see some of the wacky photos and to find out who won!

All in all, our 9th NAB Show was a huge success. We were inspired to meet new people we can help, and there’s nothing we love more than continuing relationships with our amazing customers. See you next year for our 10th anniversary!

SnapStream’s #WalkingGIF Contest at NAB Show

April 20th, 2015 by The Walking GIF

To launch SnapStream’s new social TV features at NAB 2015, I was invited as the special guest of honor. You may have seen me roaming around the NAB hall, dancing inside of a life-size Tweet and waving hello to welcome you into our booth.

They call me: the #WalkingGIF.

Just like SnapStream’s new social media tools for sharing TV GIFs, clips and moments to Twitter and Facebook, it was also my first NAB experience. What a show, what a place!

NAB goers were understandably very excited to meet me. It was love at first bite. They instantly knew I was a GIF of #LeftShark! (You know, the Twitter celebrity and Internet meme from the Super Bowl halftime show.)

At least I felt like a celebrity, anyway.

The people at NAB wanted to remember this moment, forever. They were all like, “I gotta take a selfie with you!” Yes, please. I am the king of selfies. I told them to tweet about our time together, to win a free Apple Watch.

I really loved meeting all of you and took home a lot of fun memories. Thanks for welcoming me to my first NAB!

And the winner is…

Congratulations to the #WalkingGIF contest winner @CandLSMommy for having the most engagement on her Tweet (retweets + favorites)! Enjoy your new Apple Watch Sport!

New at NAB 2015: SnapStream Cloud + Social TV

April 7th, 2015 by Rachel Abbott

We are on Cloud 9, literally! It’s our 9th year in a row exhibiting at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas. And we are thrilled to be introducing SnapStream Cloud, along with SnapStream’s new social TV features, to over 100,000 of the most tech-savvy media and entertainment professionals.

If you’re one of ‘em, come on by and visit! We’re in a prime-time spot (pun intended) in South Upper Hall SU5402. We are the 9th booth (noticing a theme here?) in the first main aisle.

Here’s a lovely map for you.

See a SnapStream Demo at NAB

To schedule a demo (which we recommend), email But drop-ins are welcome! We’ll show you the ropes of SnapStream’s TV recording and search technology, plus you’ll get an exclusive look at what’s new and coming soon:

New Social TV Features

  • View Tweets in sync with TV broadcasts
  • Link Tweets to their TV moments
  • Reply to Tweets with pics, TV clips & GIFs
  • Post TV clips & pics to Facebook
  • Add “meme text” to screenshots

New SnapStream Cloud

  • No up-front hardware cost
  • Easier to install & Internet accessible
  • $300 / month fee (no contract)
  • Record 4+ channels over IP
  • Unlimited clips and users

New Features Coming Soon

  • Add time-coded tags to TV clips & recordings
  • Transcode to XDCAM
  • Merge TV clips into one file
  • Auto-segments & transcript word cloud

NAB Show Exhibit Hours

Mon. April 13 10 AM – 6 PM
Tues. April 14 9 AM – 6 PM
Wed. April 15 9 AM – 6 PM
Thurs. April 16 9 AM – 2 PM

 #WalkingGIF Contest: Win the Apple Watch

Our Walking GIF will be roaming the Las Vegas Convention Center and he needs your help commemorating his inaugural visit to NAB.  The contest starts bright and early Monday at 10 AM and ends Wednesday at 3 PM (Pacific Time). Here’s how it works!

1. Find the Walking GIF

Keep your eyes open and cameras ready during the convention because the GIF won’t be in one place for too long…

2. Take a picture, GIF or video

Take a selfie or quick video for Twitter. GIF if you know how!

3. Tweet it with #WalkingGIF #NABShow

You must use both hashtags to enter the contest.

4. Most engaged Tweet wins the Apple Watch

The person with the most combined Retweets and Favorites will be awarded the Apple Watch Sport, so it pays to be creative!

Official Contest Rules:

  • Contest runs Mon. April 13th @ 10 AM – Wed. April 15th @ 3 PM Pacific.
  • Must Tweet either a picture, GIF or video with the Walking GIF.
  • Must use BOTH hashtags WalkingGIF and #NABShow to be eligible for the contest.
  • The Tweet with the most combined Retweets and Favorites on Wed @ 3 PM will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the person who posted first will be the chosen winner.
  • SnapStream will direct message the winner on Twitter on Wednesday after the 3 PM deadline.
  • The winner will receive the new Apple Watch Sport (color and size chosen by the winner). SnapStream will purchase the watch on behalf of the winner on April 24th, the Apple Watch launch day, and it will be shipped directly to them.

New: SnapStream Cloud DVR

March 11th, 2015 by Rachel Abbott

Today, we’re announcing a brand new product… going bravely where no SnapStream has gone before…

SnapStream Cloud is a new SnapStream, without the hardware. It’s easier to install and Internet accessible. So you can enjoy all of SnapStream’s powerful TV monitoring features on-the-go.

  • No upfront cost
  • $300 / month fee, no contract
  • Record 4 TV channels over IP*
  • Create unlimited clips
  • Approximately 1 week of 24×7 storage
  • Unlimited users

*More channels can be added to your package.

Here’s How SnapStream Cloud Works:

step1 Capture your local TV source(s), like analog cable, digital cable or satellite.
step2 SnapStream Cloud accepts H.264 video in a transport stream container over UDP, RTP or TCP. If you don’t already have this, here are some devices we support: HDHomeRun Extend, Hauppauge StreamEez-Pro, Haivision Barracuda, Haivision Makito.
step3 Point your IPTV source to the SnapStream Cloud to start recording & watching live TV.
step4 Search, play, clip and share your TV shows from anywhere in the world.

Want a Demo of SnapStream Cloud?

See how you can record, search, clip and share unlimited TV on-the-go, using SnapStream Cloud to monitor TV from anywhere in the world.

Upcoming live demos:

Tuesday, March 24
3 pm EST / Noon PST
Sign Up
or Wednesday, March 25
12 pm EST / 9 am PST
Sign Up

Want a demo sooner, or have questions about SnapStream Cloud?

Contact or 1-877-762-7787.

What’s New in SnapStream 6.5?

March 11th, 2015 by Rachel Abbott

SnapStream 6.5 is available today, introducing several new features while also improving upon the scalability of SnapStream’s core features. New SnapStream Cloud is also released today, so check that out!

Current customers, y’all know the drill. To schedule your free upgrade* to 6.5 with SnapStream’s support team, you can submit a ticket or email

Social TV Updates

  • Create a GIF from any existing TV clip in your library.
  • Upload multiple clips to YouTube in a single go.
  • Email TV screenshots (JPGs) as an attachment.
  • Email animated GIFs as an attachment.

Updates to Clips, Playback & Alerts

  • TV recordings play back up to 5X faster for large user groups and large file sizes.
  • TV Alerts process and deliver up to 5X faster for high volumes of alerts.
  • Create clips directly from live TV.
  • Play back TV from any point in the transcript viewer.

For Administrators

  • New updates to Workflows:
    • New Trigger for how frequently to run a Workflow.
    • New Filters to only run a Workflow based on a show air time (day of the week and/or time of day).

Schedule Your Upgrade

Again, to schedule your free upgrade* to 6.5 with SnapStream’s support team, please submit a ticket or email

*All software upgrades are free for current SnapStream customers who have a valid support contract and meet the hardware pre-requisites.

Join us to learn about SnapStream’s new Social TV features

November 12th, 2014 by Rachel Abbott

A quick reminder, we’re hosting 3 webinars this week to give you a full tour of SnapStream’s new social TV features. For those who manage social media, you won’t want to miss learning how you can use SnapStream to easily share TV clips, screenshots and animated GIFs to Twitter and Facebook.

Webinar: Boost Social TV Ratings with SnapStream
Date: Tuesday, November 18
Time: 3 p.m. EST / Noon PST
Sign up: Sign up here


Webinar: Share TV to Twitter and Facebook
Date: Wednesday, November 19
Choose a time: Noon EST / 9 a.m. PST 3 p.m. EST /noon PST
Sign up: Sign up here Sign up here


And when you attend, you’ll get this free (and awesome) SnapStream T-shirt:

SnapStream at CCW (Content and Communications World)

November 11th, 2014 by Rachel Abbott

Y’all, CCW (Content and Communications World) is happening this week. Watch out New York City, because SnapStream’s both exhibiting AND leading a conference session at CCW that you won’t want to miss. If you’ll be at the Javits Center November 12-13, here’s the rundown on where to find us:

Attend Our Session

Title: CBS Black Rock: Recording & Clipping TV with a “DVR on Steroids”
Speakers: Heather Doyle, Director at CBS Black Rock Media
David Hadley, Technical Director at CBS Black Rock Media
Gayan Gunawardana, Sales Manager at SnapStream
When: Wednesday, November 12
Time: 10:15 AM EST (First session of the show!)
Where: Production + Post Theater (Javits Center)
More: Session info below

Visit Our Booth

Come by for a demo at booth #755! Learn more below.

CBS Black Rock: Recording & Clipping TV with a “DVR on Steroids”

Hear from CBS Black Rock Media’s Director, Heather Doyle, and Technical Director, David Hadley, as they discuss the TV recording and clipping workflows of their group in a panel led by Gayan Gunawardana of SnapStream. As part of CBS Operations & Engineering, CBS Black Rock Media fulfills TV clip requests for every division of CBS, such as the sales, marketing, sports and affiliate relations groups.

Whether it’s a TV clip of the “The Big Bang Theory” for a press rep or an NFL broadcast clip for a sponsor, they can efficiently service everyone with the robust recording and clipping capabilities of SnapStream. Heather and David will briefly review the archaic processes of pre-2008, which were dependent on one-channel DVRs, long overtime hours of manual recordings, hunting for specific clips, editing software and VHS tapes/DVDs.

The discussion will focus on how the group was able to streamline processes to a single system and find several “bonus use cases” involving their top exec’s TV appearances and engaging CBS Sports fans on Twitter.

Meet us at booth #755

It’s your chance to see a live demo of SnapStream’s new social TV features, in addition to our robust TV recording and TV search capabilities:

  • Monitor your TV show and viewer reactions on Twitter, side by side
  • Reply to tweets with TV screenshots, clips and animated GIFs while your TV show is airing
  • Post directly to your Facebook Pages with TV screenshots and clips
  • Add a caption to any TV screenshot
  • Create animated GIFs in a snap, to share on Twitter or anywhere on the Web